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A revival, a rebirth, a renaissance of art that belongs in the past but seems to endure because of its outstanding and unrivaled beauty. To revive a great nations architecture in the modern era goes to show just how much of an impact an ancient empire had on humanity that extends almost two thousand years in the past. El Paso High school is a great example of Corinthian Style architecture that was predominant by the Roman Empire in the years of the Pax Romana. The building is a masterpiece that displays two ancient Roman styles of architecture, on its East Façade and the other in the Southeast Wing. These two entrances give more than what the eye can see; they display a spirituality with the essence of the structure and what it embodies as…show more content…
Looking back at the main building lies the main east façade with its beautiful porch leading up to the main structure. The size and exquisite decor is what takes the mind of the city view and into the past of a revival architecture. Constructed by Henry C. Trost from Trost & Trost Architects & Engineers, this building serves as a revival evoking memories from Greece and Rome. The façade itself consists of six shafts or columns which indicate the ionic part of the Corinthian style structure. The Corinthian style capitals are a piece of work; they take the viewer back in time. The Corinthian leaves and beautifully carved flowers are clearly visible as if time had no effect on the buff terra cotta. The detail is acute and precise, to the extent that beautiful is a dull word to describe the vision. The bases of the columns are like a perfect structure that hold a grand shaft that leads to beauty on top. Furthermore, each column is big, no, in fact they are huge, they are elegant in their design and seem to fit one another as they stand side by side. Above the six columns lies the architrave. The architrave is a small part of the structure but fine to the last detail, it is astonishing the level of perfection that was achieved down to the last inch of this structure. Above all this is a
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