Modern Europe : King Leopold 's Ghost

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Bailey Votto Dr. Strobel Modern Europe King Leopold’s Ghost October 23, 2015 Scars He had a prominent nose. No one else in Leopold’s family had this nose, just him. His mother, disgusted by it, thought it made him look deformed. Leopold was an awkward and shy fellow. His brother was lively and popular, his sister was intelligent and charming while all Leopold had been his bad temper, an ugly limp, and his protruding nose. Leopold’s troubles only increased as he aimlessly wandered into his predestined future. The little boy’s meaningless, childish dreams began to turn into dreams of a selfish desiring of a colony overseas. He wanted huge lands that would flourish into bountiful production. Just as other European powers were handed over…show more content…
King Leopold’s sullen childhood set up a foundation for his malicious actions years to come. The desperation for the Congo territory catalyzed Leopold’s developing thoughts into deceitful promises. At first when Leopold read about Henry Morton Stanley’s adventurous trips, he knew that these were the lands he wanted. His excitement quickly turned into greed and he made every effort possible to get what he desired. He became the chairman of the International African Association which set up a smokescreen for his endeavors into the Congo. In the meantime, Stanley was in Africa crossing the lands, killing villages, and fighting off diseases, making a name for himself back home. King Leopold praised this man and wanted him to join his side. He came up with secret plans to have Stanley set up bases in the Congo so he could begin quietly claiming the territory and making it his. He sent Stanley on exploration missions so his intentions would be hidden. Leopold 's lies grew and grew as did his greed. After being told he could make treaties with the natives, he sent his army to go up and down the river, signing treaties, permitting him everything he wanted. He get recognition of his territory and making it legitimate, Leopold used the connections he had to manipulate others in power that he had good intentions and ideas. Henry Shelton Sanford convinced the White house of
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