Modern Family : A Traditional Family

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For centuries, society has been familiarized with a specific perception of a traditional family: a working man, his stay at home wife, and their children. When the term “modern family” is brought up, people still primarily go back to the thought of a woman and a man being married to each other with a couple of children that they work together to support. It wasn’t until roughly about 1980 that the “traditionally family” underwent changes to become a more “modern family.” This means that the “traditional” definition has changed from the norm of being a man, his stay at home wife and their children to a more “modern” definition. Today, a “modern” family can consist of blended families, single parent families, couples never married with children born out of wedlock, couples married without children, and even families consisting of gay married couples who may adopt children. These concepts of what a modern family should be are still on the rise; many people may not accept the changes to the traditional definition because for centuries, what has been “right” has been the traditional definition of a family. Changes in society, like advances in technology and education, and changes in gender roles/women becoming more independent, allow people to become influenced and continue changing what a family is in modern day. Although there are many social forces that create and/or shape the perception of the modern family in today’s society, the media, such as reality television shows and…
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