Modern Family Myth Essay

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Debunking the Modern Family Myth
According to Stephanie Coontz in “What We Really Miss About The 1950’s”, the 1950’s were symbolic in terms of the nuclear American family. The “typical” nuclear American family structure consisted of an unemployed stay-at-home mom, working dad, a child or two, and a suburban home. In her article, she refers to the 1950’s as being the optimal time period for family’s where the ideology in television shows such as “Father Knows Best” and “Leave It To Beaver” was not just a depiction of how life was supposed to be lived, but an accurate portrayal of how life actually was back then. Today, the once commonly known family structure has been modified and tweaked and the standard image of a modern day family is no
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Today’s culture seems to not be able to accept anything that is out of the norm. As a result, gay marriage has been under constant backlash due to the idea that the “true marriage” and a “real family” is constituted by the union of a male and a female. Although the model family was previously seen as the union of a male and female back in the 1950’s, things change over time and with it news things are formed. With gay couples increasingly coming out and demanding their rights, the definition of the traditional family is being altered and along with it the disappearance of some American myths and traditions. We now live in the year 2013, and the same ideals that we possessed back in the 1950’s no longer function the same way today; many people are choosing not marry until a later age, and the divorce rate is at the highest it’s ever been, so how do we really define what a “real” and “traditional” American family is and who should be able to get a say in who gets to marry or not.
With gay marriage becoming an increasingly popular discussion topic there exist constant feuding between which is right or not. We must think through it logically and ask ourselves: how does a homosexual couple not constitute as much of a family as a heterosexual couple? Gay marriage in American culture but more closely religious culture is primarily not accepted but in Evan Wolfson’s “What is Marriage”, what really constitutes a marriage these days
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