Modern Feminism Of The Abc, Television Show Park And Recreation Essay

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Modern Feminism In the NBC, television show Park and Recreation, “Pie-Mary”, Ben Knope declares, “I’m sorry, this whole thing makes me queasy. I love how independent my wife is and because of that I will not let her speak. That came out wrong. The point is, Leslie is a great mother, public servant-all around person. And I am tired of everyone constantly telling her that she is making the wrong choice.” Over a century ago, women embraced their rights and independence as equals to men. Since the United States passed the 19th amendment (allowed women to legally vote) with pride and happiness to achieve what they desire without the obligation to a man’s property or his strict previous perspective of the ideal women. As time passed, something changed and women no longer admired and praise for their independence, but instead objective to those norms as seen above with Leslie. Nowadays, women are judged for not embodying the vision of the ideal woman- housewife and housemother. As a result of this, women yearned for more purpose in life, rather than restricted to the societal norms which defined women worthiness, or the capability of women. Women are beginning to become more independent, breadwinners, and in general, taking the roles of standard male figures. As a result, society is beginning to discourage women for their hard work, instead of encouraging women as a whole to continue to strive for better. Going back before culture was established. “In the
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