Essay on Modern Feminism and Violence Against Women

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The 20th century has seeing many progresses for women across the world. Prehistory showed that women could not vote, educational institution excluded them, and work outside the home was limited. Women today live longer and are more educated, enjoy more job opportunities, and earn a little higher salary. However, we still live in a world were society is run by religious laws, customs, and male dominances. These traditions and customs still limit women mobility and women are still regarded as subordinate to men and violence against women still exists despite having many strives in the 20th century.
In many countries around the world women still find themselves limited from education, employment, health care, political influences, wage
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Violence against women can take many shape and form and these acts of violence that women face may be from the hands of a spouse or a total stranger. There are many forms of violence against women however this paper will be referring to violence against women in the form of rape, sexual assault, and battering. Even though these acts goes hand -in- hand with emotional, and psychological, financial, and mental abuse, this paper will only be looking at the physical aspect.
According to Herman & Stewart (1994), “Modern Feminist theory seeks not for a single truth or the meaning of reality. Rather than being concerning with the truth they inquire instead about the way meaning are negotiated, the control over the meaning by those in authority, and how the meaning is represented in language and politics” (p.50-51). While there are no single definitions for domestic violence, feminist theory refers to domestic violence as, “violence emanates from a patriarchal school system which assigns men the responsibility for controlling and managing female partners and is viewed as a flaw in society”(Nayak & Suchland, 2006, p. 469). Women are also initiators of violence against men and carry out act of violence as often as men, however male violence is far more damaging and occurs in a far different context, aggression, dominance, and control where as female may use it as a form of defense.
Today with so many

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