Modern Food Biotechnology, Human Health And Development : An Evidence Based Stud

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Modern Food Biotechnology, Human Health and Development: An Evidence-Based Stud Food security is a recurrent issue in modern society due to the continual increase in human population. Most countries have invested in scientific research in order to bridge the disparity that is existent concerning demand and supply of food (Roberts 7). This clamour for food security has enhanced the development of dynamic biotechnological procedures that not only accentuate food production but also offer an opportunity for sustenance of the same. However, it is important to note that the development of modern food biotechnology has given rise to other concerns that border on human health and wellness. Biotechnologists and experts in other key areas have constantly engaged in collaborative inter-disciplinary research that seeks to establish the pros and cons of modern food biotechnology concerning human health (Roberts 12). Researchers also appreciate the multifaceted nature of modern food biotechnology. Due to genetic alterations, modern food biotechnology has been cited as a potential trigger for health complications. The fickle nature of modern food biotechnology necessitates a thorough and extensive evaluation that shall play a crucial role in informing its future application (Roberts 17). This research exercise seeks to identify and evaluate the inherent implications of modern food biotechnology on human health. It shall look at strategic measures that can enhance the incorporation of

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