Essay about Modern History - Decline and Fall of the Romanov

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MODERN STUDY NOTES: TITLE SUBHEADING NOTES Decline and Fall of the Romanov Dynasty Nicholas II as an Autocrat Nicholas II: Weak and indecisive leader; gentle. Uneducated. Tsar refused to move with times; see changes and reforms. Close relations with Queen Victoria. Manipulated/Heavily influenced by wife Tsarina Alexandra. Austrian princess – granddaughter of Queen Victoria. Pressured Nicholas to preserve autocracy. Autocracy: Russian 1900’s – Tsar + family ruled completely – no democracy. King was religious AND political leader: - Divine rule (put on Earth by God to govern). Tsar was “appointed by God” to rule as his representative on Earth. Most countries = constitutional monarchy – power shift monarchypeople. Russian…show more content…
After massacre fled to Switzerland and later UK making contact with Lenin (left-wing). Joined Socialist Revolutionary Party who later killed him – suspected of being double agent. Outcomes of Massacre: 400,000 people went on strike – crippling economy. Transport system stopped working. Grand Duke Surgei, Tsar’s uncle, murdered. 1905 Revolution 1905 Revolution: To what extent could this be considered a revolution? Government not overthrown – Further 12 years before Royal Family overthrown. Lost affection of Russian people –Called into question the Tsarist system for first time. Strikes spreading throughout Russia – workers formed soviets (unions). - Demanded better working conditions – co-ordinated major strikes crippling Russian economy. Opposition not united. October Manifesto 1905 Tsars formal response to 1905 Revolution; brief, vague document – promised freedom of speech, assembly and association. Introduction of Duma or Parliament – Universal male suffrage (voting). Significance: Admission Tsar was no longer autocrat (divine ruler from above). Weakness: Failed to address; poverty, low wages and poor working conditions; Duma rubber stamp parliament. Duma (Parliament): Mass Participation: Voting rights for men. Law: All laws to be confirmed by Duma. People under false impression they were involved in politics. Large concession by Royal Family to even let people think they had
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