Modern History.Hsc.2012 Essay

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Topic one – USA 1919-1941
Topic two – conflict in the pacific
Topic three – Douglas MacArthur
Topic Four – World War I

TOPIC ONE – USA 1919-1941

USA 1920’S * the radio age * felt like istory had turned a corner and never going back * stock market * black Thursday November 24 1929 * the jazz age * a speakeasyyyyyyy

How significant were the Republican policies in causing the great depression?
The significance of the republic policies were great, they brought a lot of growth in the 20’s allowing the market to strive over lots of trading and the purchase of shares, but was also an unstable market, as the government had no control over what it did and was left up to the
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more detail needed; but probably enough to write a paragraph or two in an essay on industrialisation between 1919 and 1941...
The nature of industrialisation in the 1930s
The nature of industrialisation changed in the 1930s. In the 1920s industrialisation had occurred because of free enterprise and big business. But with the onset of the Depression, industrial output fell dramatically. (statistics needed). To combat this, the federal government adopted a role of directly stimulating industrial growth. The Public Works Administration (PWA) instituted in began many large industrial projects with the aim of spurring the economy and providing many jobs. The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) was a federal project to energise the economy through a massive industrial scheme sponsored by the federal government. Twenty five dams were built to reshape the land and generate hydro-electricity, which could further contribute to industrial growth. Another example of government leadership of industry was the National Recovery Administration (NRA), which attempted to foster industrial growth through the creation of ‘codes’ for each industry. These federal programs fundamentally changed the nature of industrialisation. In the 1930s, the government’s approach to industrialisation was more akin to socialist-state-style industrialisation than it was to the American capitalism-style industrialisation of the 1920s. Further, the federal government’s

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