Modern Life : Is It All At The Mercy Of Chance?

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Modern life offers an impressive variety of fronts for improvement in what concerns human condition. Everywhere we look present situations can get better. Nothing is perfect. At the same time we should not be content with a mediocre state of affairs. Therefore, a question is imminent: what is there to do to rise above mediocrity? As soon as I finished my Teach for Life book, I felt there was much more to include in proposed solutions to modern problems we face. This volume is just that: a collection of ideas meant as food for thought for a better life assuming we strive for excellence. Although the 34 essays included herein are very diverse, they can be clustered in a few main themes. One of my favorites is the idea of ‘meaning.’ Is there meaning behind what we are and do, or is it all at the mercy of chance? As expected, the answer to this question makes all the difference in the world in terms of how we view and conduct our lives. Assuming there is meaning, intrinsically validates concepts of personal development, personal responsibility, and efforts to avoid negativity at all costs. Suddenly, self-growth becomes paramount in completing the picture of why we are here and where we are heading. In this respect, going within, reflecting on oneself and meditating can be great avenues toward accomplishing such worthy and noble goals. A second selection of essays included here surrounds modern education. Since I worked as a mathematics instructor for 33 years at both secondary…

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