Modern Management Challanges

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Some challenges that modern management faces are; 1: Global Competitiveness- the ability of a firm or a nation to offer products and servicesthat meet the quality standards of the local and worldmarkets at prices that are competitive and provideadequate returns on the resources employed or consumed in producing them. 2: Coping with the informal age-When managers can be able to deal with automotive data processing and automotive decision making . 3: Presenting quality service ; "Service quality is a focused evaluation that reflects the customer 's perception of specific dimensions of service: reliability, responsiveness, assurance, Empathy, tangibles. Satisfaction, on other hand, is more inclusive: it is influenced by perceptions of…show more content…
Because of government 's increasing influence on business, it is essential that business and government function as partners. Business also must get across to government that social progress is possible only if the profit motive is encouraged. To do this, business must improve its working relations with government. Business must make maximum use of the great technological advances taking place in industry, but must also apply its technical knowledge and management skill to the solution of social problems. This requires more active participation in politics, greater attention to such matters as urban renewal, waste disposal, transportation and increased assistance to schools and colleges both with money and ideas. In an ever-changing, accessible marketplace where strides in technological advancements are now commonplace with
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