Modern Marriage Trend : Marriage

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Modern Marriage Trend
In the recent decades, the marriage trends have been gradually transforming. The image of marriage these days might be completely different from that of before. At present, people have become more invested in getting to fulfill emotional needs from marriage.
In "For Better, For Worse: Marriage means Something Different Now", Stephanie Coontz explains that marriage is no longer a means to control "sexuality, parenting or division of labor between men and women"; the focus is shifted to love. As a result, instability of marriage may arise. Moreover, people would rather remain single or get divorce solely based on love. She argues that living together has also become a popular alternative to traditional marriage. Coontz believes that increased participation of women in the labor force and education has slowed down marriage. She reports that many countries are also adjusting laws for divorce people, unmarried couples with children and same-sex couples. Coontz argues that promoting traditional values may no longer be enough to restore the importance of marriage. She rejects that easier access to divorce harms marriage, arguing that people are not enthusiastic to give up their rights. Coontz concludes that marriage has evolved for better or worse and people need to accept the reality. As Coontz has explained, many people preferences in marriage have changed, but some of these changes might cost more harm than the benefits it brings. In fact, the most…
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