Modern Masculinity And Its Impact On Modern Society

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The majority of men are led to the believe that the ability to show weakness is regarded as the most un-male components; this means that vulnerability and openness which are absolutely important for self-exploration or personal development, are recognized as weak behaviors. After all, the modern men still deal with relatively archaic messages related to the meaning of being a male or a man. For instance, the society predicts men to be strong at all costs, to be stoic and unemotional, to be rescuers, and, of course, to consider own work as a key priority (Vermunt). Thus, it is important to provide a thorough investigation of the current ads in order to identify both positive and negative aspects in terms of modern masculinity and define…show more content…
In addition, the majority of the recent Super Bowl 's ads intend to continue the existing trend in terms of the exaggerated humor as a specific mechanism implemented in order to deflect the relevant criticism, despite the fact that they use an openly angry tone and illustrate a natural patriarchal order on display. After all, images of masculinity that can do double duty with a great variety of consumers, including both male and female, are not extremely difficult to create in a modern culture, especially if to pay attention to the fact that “the muscular male body has a long and glorious aesthetic history” (Bordo, 178). Hollywood and mainstream media have also began depicting, rather explicitly, male genitalia often enlarged using padding and photoshop (Bordo, 168). This stands true especially for advertisement campaigns for underwear. If you compare the pictures of the Calvin Klein underwear advertisement, you can see how Photoshop is used to give the model seemingly larger genitalia than in real life. Over years of seeing such advertisements and depictions, it can create a serious impact on the males viewing such images as it may leave them feeling inadequate or not manly enough even though such images have been under Photoshop to seem bigger. Such feelings can create real psychological damage where men may feel that big genitalia constitutes as manly.
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