Modern Medicine And Advancing Technology

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With modern medicine and advancing technology in the field of health people in America are living longer than ever before. Along with longer life expectancy, the american population has increased by twenty percent since 2002.This growing population means that more people are in need of hospital care. Every day millions of people across The United States go to a hospital for a variety of reasons. In recent years hospitals have been cutting down on nurses due to increasing health care cost. With more people needing hospital care and less nurses to care for them creates a stressful and hectic environment for the workers, patients and the hospital in general.The remaining staff are forced to work longer shifts, and have much more responsibility placed on them. Understaffing of nurses in American hospitals are becoming an increasing problem that can leave devastating long lasting effects on patients, the hospitals, and employed nurses. Nurses now find themselves responsible for various tasks and multiple patients all at the same time. They are constantly running around from patient to patient while doing numerous other jobs in between.Nurses are unable to spend quality one on one time with the patients and often have to deviate from one patient to another. This can lead to the patients not being adequately cared for and feeling as if the nurses do not actually care for he or she. In reality this is not true and that the nurses do actually care a lot about each of their patients
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