Modern Medicine And Technology As A Research Assistant At The Piano Laboratory

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While research represents overcoming the limitations of contemporary medicine and technology, medicine represents the connection between the applications of research towards patient care.
Working as a Research Assistant at the Piano Laboratory, I have an interest in developmental biology. At the Piano Lab, I assist my mentor, Patricia Giselle Cipriani, and her project on the usage of RNAi on ovary-expressed genes and of time-lapse microscopy in order to better understand a comprehensive molecular description of the genetic and evolutionary mechanisms behind early embryogenesis in C. elegans. From the data obtained from the RNAi tests, gene clusters based on the phenotypic analysis are created in order to investigate the functional analysis of the genome and molecular dissection of specific cellular processes. My role in the laboratory is to identify and verify the locations of single polymorphisms in mutants and then perform gel electrophoresis to verify mutations before sequencing. In the process, I also learned basic microscopy and worm-handling skills.
The Piano Lab not only exposed me to contemporary research in genetics and developmental biology, but it also gave me the opportunity to apply the knowledge I have learned throughout higher leveled courses, like Molecular and Cell Biology. As I gained experience in the Piano laboratory, I also learned the molecular mechanisms and reasons behind the techniques I used through Molecular and Cell Biology. From learning about
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