Modern Mexican Society And Its Culture

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To understand modern Mexican society and its culture we have to analyze its social, economic and political development through the early stages of industrialization and the conditions under which this development took place. Following the Marxist theory of Historical Materialism, we will look at the rise of capitalism during the Porfiriato (time period in which General Porfirio Diaz governed Mexico), the class conflicts arising during this time period that produced the Mexican Revolution of 1910, the political structures and reforms that arise as a consequence of the revolution, and the economic apparatus and its evolution through the decades of the post-revolution. We will look at Mexico’s role in the world’s economy, and its close relationship with the United States economy. Towards the end of the 19th century, Mexico was introduced to the world’s capitalist system under the rule of General Porfirio Diaz. During this period, the country experienced an important economic and technological growth driven mainly by foreign investment. Concessions were given to French and American companies for the expansion of railroads in Mexico to facilitate communication and trade. Special attention was given to the development of the Veracruz port, and important route for maritime trade with Mexico’s capitol. Telegraph networks started expanding throughout the nation and in 1878 the Mexican Telegraph, a U.S company, was commissioned to lay a submarine cable to allow for communication

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