Modern Olympic Movement

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Throughout 1892 to 2002, many events happened that helped shape the modern Olympic movement. There were new problems and new improvements that affected the Olympics. WIth the documents we’re given, we are able to analyze the factors that created these new problems and improvements. Through these years, we can see that the world has become more acceptable to women, people being pressured because of pride, people trying to work harder to earn more money, and people working harder for world peace. Within the many years of Olympics, women was able to gain acceptance and respect from others. From this gain, women were beginning to attend the Olympic games. In document 2, a picture taken in 1908 was given a caption, “2 percent of the athletes…show more content…
“Regardless of who takes home the medals, corporations from the United States, Japan, and some other countries stand to make a lot of gold at the Seoul Olympics,” (cite Doc #7), what the newspaper meant by that was that even though some won gold, the corporations that helped broadcast have earned them gold as well. Though these corporations were a big help in the Olympics and it made a really big influence in the Olympics now, some corporations may have taken advantage of the Olympics just to make profit. Document 9’s bar graph was given a title “Fees Paid to the International Olympic Committee for International TV and Radio Broadcast Rights” and with the bar graph we can see that during 1980 to 2000 the countries paid more and more to promote the olympics. This graph might have also been made because they wanted to show how people worked harder to help make the Olympic more popular and be watched by different people around the world to help show our world is developing into a more diverse society. Lots of people worked hard to promote the Olympics and some did it just to help the Olympics and some others took advantage of this event. From the Olympics, people were able to try to bring peace and unity to the world. Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic movement, gave a speech to the Athletic Society of France and his speech showed he thought the Olympics brought peace to the
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