Modern Philosophies: Contrasting Terms

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The 'Cogito, ergo sum' expression dominates a series of philosophical topics and Descartes is probably one of the most passionate philosophers to discus in regard to it across time. However, many philosophers prefer the 'Volo, ergo sum' expression and actually consider that it expresses the willed effort that makes it possible for individuals to understand the existence of the mind. Although philosophy and business are not exactly in a close relationship, the two have always managed to function together as a result of the fact that individuals in the workplace needed to be addressed through the correct channels. Managers come across more and more critical life issues that can affect their business environment and thus need to be provided with philosophical teachings meant to assist them in experiencing as little negative effects as possible. Managers in the contemporary society need to acknowledge that they are the ones in charge of the working environment and that it is essential for them to get actively involved in making it more productive, even if this means that they would need to direct their attention towards concepts that are not considered traditional in the field of management. Managers are apparently the most effective when they realize that it is their job to focus on the larger social environment in trying to do their job. Managing is thus not all about the business world and a successful manager would need to concentrate on more than just achieving success
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