Modern Robots : The Current High Point Of Technical Development

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Robotics can be described as the current high point of technical development as they are becoming an important role in the development of the contemporary society. The first uses of modern robots began in factories as industrial robots, which were just simple fixed machines with the ability of manufacturing tasks allowing production without the need for human aid. The use of digital industrial robots began in the 1960 's. The base of the innovation of robots was in 350 BC, when Greek mathematician, Archytas of Tarentum builds a mechanical bird that 's moved by steam. Another major event in robot history was in 1495, when Leonardo DaVinci designed a mechanical implement that looks like a knight and in which it contains the mechanism to move just like humans.The existence of the word 'robot ' came in 1921, when Czech writer Karel Carpek presented the word "Robot" in a play called "R.U.R".The word "Robot" in Czech comes from the word "robota", meaning "compulsory labor". The use of robots is becoming an immensely important part of contemporary society as with an ever increasing global population, massive world hunger, take into account the number of people and children who are undernourished. There is a great promise in the utilisation of this technology to benefit not only the farmers, but also societies worldwide. In the year difference of 50 years, we can see as an example from one person working in a family, now everyone is working. In this situation, people rely on

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