Modern Sharecropping and Organic Farming in the African-American Community

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The advent of the industrial revolution brought all types of people off of the farms and into the cities where they could make better money, and they could presumably build better lives. One of the problems with this influx though was that people still had to have food and that is difficult when famers are sometimes very far away. So, growers began taking their produce to plants where the food was processed, almost to an unrecognizable condition in many cases, and sold in cans, bags and wrappers to the people in the city who could not get fresh produce. This has helped expand the so called obesity epidemic over the past fifty years until over half of all Americans are considered overweight or obese. Another problem is that transportation of goods drives up the cost, and this meant that people paid more, if they were living in the city, than they would have if they lived out on the farm still. Many of the people who live in these city neighborhoods are people of color, mainly African Americans, who are experiencing the dearth of fresh, farm-grown vegetables and fruits more than any other population. The solution is to get farmers, specifically black farmers, to begin selling their produce in the inner city where no other farmers market exists, so that the people who live there can experience the…
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