Modern Slavery : The United Nations Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Essay

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Modern Slavery One of the major, if not the biggest, human rights abuse in the history of the world is slavery. This can be attributed to it being a forced practice and how the methodology used to enforce it, violates not just one of the articles under the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but an unbearable number of them. The exploitation of an enslaved human deprives that individual from the right to life and liberty, it deems them unequal and therefore guarantees them a life of discrimination, mistreatment, physical and psychological suffering. Furthermore, the practice of enslaving human beings extends to nearly every segment of the world, transcending different cultures, religions and most notably—the lapse of time. Modern slavery appears to be in the incorrect historical time, mainly because it is a practice that a majority of people believe should have ended long ago. Nevertheless, some individuals view slavery as only a fragment of our past, but it is an issue that continues to affect us and is still being worked on. Governments are a necessary entity on the account that they provide regulations, laws, and a structure that maintains the order and peace on behalf of the people. One of the duties of a government has is that of protecting their citizens by defending and respecting their fundamental rights. That is not always the case, along with the implementation of a government comes the power to rule over large numbers of people and that power…
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