Modern Social Media And All Forms Of Print Alike

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Modern social media and all forms of print alike have become overrun with advertisements. These ads become distractions to the readers and take their mind away from the sole purpose of the articles. More specifically, this advertisement featured in Men’s Health magazine from March of 2015, shows a full back cover dedicated to LA Muscle. This company sells a large merchandise line of dietary supplements and workout enhancing products appealing to males ages 16-40. Starring in this ad is their Gold LA Whey Protein. Their ads have been known to catch readers off guard and steal their attention from the actual magazine. With the sophisticated text, colors, and images, this ad hits Men’s Health readers with intimidation, current trends, and image coaxing them into purchasing their over-priced, no-guarantee product. First off, LA Muscle immediately grabs the readers’ attention by rhetorically asking, “Protein is protein, right? WRONG.” This statement is meant to make readers question whether or not the protein they currently use compares to the one that is being marketed to them. The word “WRONG” is boldly printed, to intimidate readers and make them second guess themselves for thinking all protein is the same. The strong emphasis on this word quickly grabs the readers’ attention. Even those readers who have done their research about their supplements may be swayed into thinking that their opinion on the most beneficial protein could not be correct. This tactic works…
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