Modern Society : Aging Population

1496 Words Dec 1st, 2014 6 Pages
Sunil kumar singh
Professor – Khodayar Farpour
College English, EAC 150 FO
Date – Dec 3rd, 2014 Over the past few decades, vantage point of our modern society has been changed about aging population. There are huge differences between past and present social view of point for aging population. In modern society, people have thought about aging population that they are burden for their present as well as future life. There are many facts such as country economy, health care issue, economic challenge, social changes and so on, which support these modern thinking of society. But, this is universal fact that after twenty four hours, each present day (today) become past day (yesterday). It is also true that because of aging people like grandparent and parents, young generations are here. In their young age if older people have thought like this, its result something else and might be young generation do not get what they have now. So, as a human being, modern society must give as well as show respect to aging population like how older society gave and also show respect to their aging population. Firstly, modern society have thought that aging population have effect over country’s economy. Living…
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