Modern Society : Democracy And The Modernization Theory

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In modern society reaching democracy is a number one goal for many states. They like to reach it for plenty of reasons, civil and economic. First of all democracy is associated with wealth, a good material situation, and economic growth. We can clearly see it on example of The United States or large European democracies such as Germany or France. It is also believed that democratization brings high living standards, peaceful environment and overall happiness to the state; and The United States and European democracies are also a good example of that.
Many institutions believe that to reach democracy states should follow the Western example of transaction to democracy and the Modernization theory, which is to modernize their industries, economy, and educational system, and then change the government structure. It looks right because most of the wealthy, industrialized, and educated states are democratic. In modern practice, however, to change from oligarchy or communism to democracy, nations often have to fight their own governments and revolt against the state. Countries that have lately transitioned to democracies, particularly El Salvador, followed the path of Marxism. They were not wealthy or industrialized, but they had strong leaders, the oppressing majority of the population, and desire to fight for their human and social rights. In this paper, I argue that Modernization theory is imperfect and even modern countries come to democracy through Marxism on the example of…
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