Modern Society 's Criminal Justice System

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Fear of crime, mass imprisonment, and the increasing drain of public resources are frequent issues in public and political discourse. The process and outcomes of justice are frequently expressed with frustration as societal wounds and conflicts deepen rather than contribute to healing or resolution. Western society’s criminal justice system methodology contains intrinsic limitations and failures. Nonetheless, it persists through the state’s use of manipulative forms of communication, molding public perceptions of crime and punishment. Intensifying expansion of the prison industrial complex and harsher criminal punishment progresses under the auspices of monetary gain. Deteriorating political support for the rehabilitative ideal started in the 1970’s, transitioning to a punishment model. The social practice of mass imprisonment is impacted by the language and communication of everyday life, specifically, it is influenced by the deliberate framing of rhetoric and issues within political discourse and the normalization of criminal justice standards in the context of postmodern ideology. Furthermore, political rhetoric and structures of social control are shaped by Western society’s current knowledge systems and the overwhelming force of the mass media and communication systems to maintain structures of privilege and domination.
The language of political discourse is deliberately devised to frame issues in a way that imposes repressive structures of social control and
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