Modern Technology And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Modern technology has given people many freedoms and the power to do many things. However just like the great words of Spiderman “…with great power comes great responsibility.” Along with these magnificent inventions came a greater and more efficient way for enemies of the country to destroy us. With the invention of planes came hijacking, with cars came unsuspecting car bombs, and with the internet came cyber-attacks. Governments all over the world continuously have to adjust to the new technology with policies that take away the rights and privacy of their citizens. How far is one supposed allow its country to spy on its citizens and take away their right to privacy? It is not the citizens’ responsibility to worry about the safety of the people, thus the cost of safety should not be on the shoulders of the people.
People who object to internet censorship believe that in order to govern themselves well, Americans must be able to share ideas, even offensive and controversial ones, freely. They argue that censorship is very rarely the solution to any positive goal. However, to truly understand the internet censorship debate one must inspect the many smaller underlying questions involved. Such as are there any combinations of education and parent involvement that could better protect children from content on the internet? Is it possible to demand positive behavior on the internet, or does that interfere with the free exchange of ideas, a key element of democracy? And finally,
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