Modern Technology And Its Effect On The Mindset Of The Current Generation

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To many the introduction of technology, especially the Internet, has brought the world to them with a simple touch of a button. However, it is possible that technology has not truly opened its users to the world, but only to a more condensed, highly self-motivated version of it. Though technology was initially created to better develop and broaden the minds of its users, there is a possibility that it has inadvertently intellectually stunted the minds of our generation. The recent book described in essay topic one highlights on the true integrity of modern technology and its affect on the mindset of the current generation. The author actively addresses the limitations placed on knowledge by the current misuse of modern technology. The book…show more content…
Behind the prisoners is a fire along with a platform on which puppeteers perform. As puppeteers preform with the objects, the shadows are shown on the cave wall in front of the prisoners. The viewing audience, the prisoners, cannot turn around to see exactly what the shadows are or who is controlling them, but can only watch and listen to the shadows and sounds that echo through the cave. Once a reluctant prisoner’s teacher drags him or her outside of the cave into the sunlight through a steep, long path, the prisoner soon realizes that everything he or she once thought was to be true is only a mere façade and is unwilling to ever go back to the state of living in such falsehood again. Many of the aspects about the limitation of knowledge and intellect on our current generation spoken by the author can correspond to what Plato himself thought about ignorance and worldly knowledge many years ago through his allegory. Just as the darkness within the allegory’s cave represents ignorance, the author represents the same ignorance and stunted intellect in the world today by the constant misuse of technology. The author does not view the prisoners in the cave as ordinary people as originally proposed, but as our current generation of people modern technology users, specifically less than thirty years of age. The shadows shown on the
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