Modern Technology And Technology

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Not in actuality, but that is what the media keeps hinting at. One cannot go a week without news articles online saying how modern technology is affecting us both cognitively or behaviorally. People in the 21st century are no more affected by our modern technology than people from the 20th century theirs. Every generation has technological breakthroughs that advance humans whether it is in medicine or entertainment. The media is claiming that technology is rewiring us; telling us that we are feeling less, that technology is making children developed ADHD tendencies, that we are emerging ourselves into technology so much that we escape the real world, and finally it claims that it is reshaping our lives and minds to constantly be around technology.
It is human nature to feel to connect with others. There is nothing that is going to take that away from us; not even the latest and greatest in technology. Although not everybody feels that way. The older generation would say that the new media is causing us to lose empathy for others. In Andrew Lam “I tweet therefore I am” he explains a situation where professor Bill Nye was on stage preparing to give a lecture when he collapses out of exhaustion, and the natural reaction the students had to the situation was pulling out their phones and record it instead of helping the professor (24). While the students first reaction was to record the situation instead of help is disappointing it is not all that the new media is good for. Just
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