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Over the last fifty years, technology has become a particularly important source of knowledge in modern society, which has further provided several new opportunities in doing so. Throughout our history, the extensive amount of books were our predominant source of knowledge. That is why Bradbury was wrong to fear that modern technology would replace books. Since modern technological advancements, students are faced with options to prepare for their future through classes and electronic textbooks. Equally important, books are still being widely used, but through ebooks instead of print. Furthermore, accessibility and availability has reached more people who originally may not have had such an opportunity. Most importantly, our society is…show more content…
This proves that even the disabled can be entertained and exposed to information of books and knowledge from around the world through their source of technology they possess. In addition, options of increasing the font and making the data more visible in various locations further maintain book use whether read indoor or outdoor. Likewise, books can be listened to via a library of audio books to choose from. The possibilities of obtaining any information is endless when you own any device, whether portable or not, which is capable of gathering and viewing material from the internet.
Most importantly, technology provides full access to daily news from around the world. One is capable of exploring and exchanging information to all parts of the world. One significant source of where technology involves users includes presidential elections. “Political campaigns have capitalized on television’s effect on viewers, as well as the additional publicity that controversial ads generate in the news sphere” (Messah). It demonstrates how effective the technology engages viewers in the daily news and progress of each election. Moreover, Messah states that internet was a dominant form of transmitting information. Social media is an effective use of spreading any type of information. In addition to social media, there is also newspapers and magazines which publish all

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