Modern Technology Has Changed Our Lives Essay

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The Mobile Revolution Nowadays our society is affected by modern technology from day to day; especially the communication technology has changed the people lives in many ways. Mobile phone is a part of this technology that people can contact each other all over the world through wireless. The invention of this technology has created an unforgettable even in human history, and also the most important for our lives because of its advantages to people in society. Mobile phone has changed our lives which we can be seen and used every day. People can contact to their family and their friends from everywhere and any time. We can contact to friends in USA from Cambodia that is thousand kilometers away in few second. Before the mobile revolution, people used letter to communicate each other via post which is very expensive, and spend more days to deliver. It wasted our time to do other important works and more money. Using mobile phone is fast and cheap, so it saves our time and our money. Modern mobile phone can access the Internet in high speed with the 3G and HSDPA wireless technology. With this we can connect to the world everywhere all the time. We can surf the web, check e-mail or chat with their family and friends on the social network or searching for documents for assignment, work or business. Even with this advantages, some people think that using mobile phone is waste the time and money on unimportant things and not good
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