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Specific Purpose: To educate and inform the public about hurricane preparedness.
Thesis Statement: Three basic level of preparedness individual should take; (1) before a hurricane, (2) during a hurricane and (3) After a hurricane.

It was the Caribbean’s worst nightmare, when an extremely powerful hurricane was formed during the 1988 Atlantic hurricane season and creates a widespread destruction in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. At category 4 Hurricane “Gilbert” struck Jamaica on 12 of September 1988, causing a direct land fall on the island. The eye of the storm passed directly over the island with wind speeds 217 km/h bringing 200 to 250 mm of rain fall in total. Throughout the Caribbean
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II. Four Steps that individual should take into consideration during a hurricane. A. Be calm! Your ability to act logically is important. B. Do not go outside unless it is absolutely necessary because when the winds get very strong, you are in danger of being hit by flying objects. C. If your glass windows have not been boarded up, place a large heavy object in front of the window to protect yourself and others from splintering glass. D. If the house shows signs of breaking up, stay under a table or stand in a sturdy closet.
Transition: we have looked at the precaution one’s should take before and during a hurricane. There is one more precaution we should take, as it relates to hurricane.

III. Four additional step that individual should take into consideration after a hurricane. A. Do not touch loose or dangling electrical wires and report these to the power company, the nearest police station or parish council. B. Immediately after the hurricane don’t use stored water for washing houses, cars and watering gardens until normal water services have been restored. C. Do not go outside barefooted and avoid wearing open shoes and watch out for broken glass. D. Seek medical attention at first-aid stations, hospitals or clinics for persons injured during the storm.
Transition: what are the important information learn, about how to prepare for a
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