Modern Times And City Lights Essay

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The role of women in Modern Times and City Lights is compelling compared to the roles of men in the films. Chaplin uses women as a set piece to set up jokes for him and other male characters, and drops little sexist aspects into what is the larger body of the two films. Chaplin uses women to diversify the types of jokes he can use and the aspect of a woman character in the film can alter what he does, where he can go, and it modifies the tramps moods throughout the films In both of the films we watched Chaplin uses the aspect of women to set up the tramps jokes. In Modern Times Chaplin embraces the aspect of women being the second lead character, after the tramp, and sets up most of the movie around her. However, we do not see the girl…show more content…
In the film, Chaplin also puts the blind girl and her grandmother in a place where they are struggling to pay the bills. Even though the tramp is the tramp and poor as well he gets the money from the rich man. This could be viewed as a sexist little bit of the movie as the women can’t pay the rent because she doesn't make enough money to support them and then a man comes in and saves the day even though the man is in a much more dire situation than the two girls. Through all of that we still never see how it turns out between the two. After the woman gets the surgery and finally sees the tramp for who he really is we see her wondering what to do next. Before we get to that moment we see the woman eyeing all of the men that are wearing nice clothes and appear wealthy, and doesn't know what to do when the poor tramp reveals that it is him who gave her that money. This could be interpreted as woman are attracted to money and don’t really care what's in your heart.
The main woman in Modern Times is opposite of the woman in City Lights. Just like the Tramp she gets into trouble and is poor just like him. Compared to the other movie it seems like this girl is a much better fit for the tramps character than the woman in City Lights. This girl sparks scenes, jokes, and opportunities for the tramp while the other woman was mainly just a romantic set piece. However, he still uses women as set
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