Modern Times And Metropolis : Analysis Of Modern Times And Metropolis

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A screen shot of the society ------- Based on analysis of Modern Times and Metropolis Movie is a tool to express ideas. In the long history of movie, people use movie to express their anxiety or discontent to society and government. In different area people use different movie technics to express ideas. The difference between movies in technics are affected by different social environment and ideology of people. This thesis uses two movies as examples to discover the relation between movies and labor situation in society and examine how movie present a screen shot of social dynamics. The Metropolis depicted the conflicts between the master of the city and workers in industries. It illustrates the conflict by showing how easily workers are guided by the robot double of Maria and finally almost destroy the city. Moreover, the tough and dangerous working condition foreshadows the uprising of workers as a strike-back to the mechanism of capitalism. However, in the end of this movie, the director arranges a happy ending, implying the conflict between workers and the governor can be solved by the “mediator”, which may not exist in the real life. Contrary to the seriousness of Metropolis, Modern Times is a comedy directed by Charlie Chaplin. This movie is defined as a comedy because of the funny performance of Chaplin. However, the content of this movie is sort of serious. It shows how a factory worker lives in an absurd and tragic life but dreams of a hopeful future. The plot
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