Modern War

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Which war is the first modern war? Was it the Napolianic wars, the Crimean War or the American Civil War? If you Google it, it would be between the Crimean War and the American Civil War. However each of these wars can be considered the first modern war based on different merits. These wars can share similarities between each other which can create confusion over the question what was the first modern war. Following the French Revolution the idea of the state was changed the boundaries and leaders soon began the rallying cry for people to fight for the nation. “The war of 1792 to 1814/15 thus became - first unilaterally by France and then by the belated and usually hesitant response of France’s victims - the first modern war, the first war…show more content…
Because of this many consider the Civil War to be a modern war because of the use of telegraph, photojournalism, aerial observation, submarines, iron-clad warships, railroads and new rifles. First telecommunications, the telegraph allowed two things one for Union and confederate leaders to communicate with military officers on the battlefield it also allowed war correspondents to report on battles. In 1860 there was approximately 50,000 miles of telegraph in the United States a majority of that was located in the northern states. The telegraph also allowed war correspondents to report on the war. The American Civil War garnered more media attention than the Crimean War did. Approximately 600 correspondents covered the war and the “New York Herald spends an unprecedented $1 million on its war coverage.” This reporting also demonstrated another factor of a modern war, the growing influence of public opinion on the conduct of war. Reporters reported on battle results and political issues however their reporting was often editorialized. The desire for truth was not an important factor for editors and this allowed newspapers to be turned into propaganda machines for both the Union and Confederacy. Also during the Civil War war photography became a main part of the documentation of war. However due to the shutter speeds of the time the proverbial staged war photo began. The telegraph
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