Modern Warfare : A Multi Threat Joint Environment

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The increased lethality and complexity of modern warfare makes a requirement to be able to fight in a multi-threat joint environment to achieve desired effects in all domains and at all levels. The airpower, which encompasses elements operating in the Air, Maritime, Land and Cyber domains as well as Space, is one of the strongest drivers for domain integration. The airpower is the most capable means, complying to and fitted with the requirements to be a successful one in the modern Network-Centric Warfare, due to its unique core attributes as height, speed and reach and their functional derivatives. The comprehensive influence exerted by the application of airpower over the achievement of strategic objectives and desired end state are…show more content…
Any additional view of the ways of employment of airpower and all level effects of its employment contributes to the understanding about the ubiquity of the airpower and is of vital importance, because is creating a broad base for the further development of contemporary concept of airpower.

The domain of this study will be the airpower, considered by three interlocking perspectives: pure theory – in terms of critical review of existing doctrinal concepts, some historical milestones, related to the topic – as illustrative support to the statements and the contemporary war trends – as “where are we now” and looking to the future.

The aim is to put an additional perspective upon the existing understanding about airpower and further, taking into account the contemporary trends in global security environment, to describe the strategic aspects of employment of airpower.

The focus will be set over the military employment of air power and any non-military aspects of employment of airpower, such as disaster relief, will not be of interest.

The objective
Described strategic aspects of employment of airpower, based on different perspective upon the existing understanding about airpower.

The tasks
To achieve the objective, three main tasks will be completed:
1. To analyse the nature of airpower
2. To analyse the forms of employment of airpower
3. To describe the strategic aspects
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