Modern White Collar Crime : A Modern Or Postmodern Crime

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Society has made many individuals question Enron scandal in regards to what is a modern or postmodern crime. Modern white collar crime focuses primarily on agriculture, productive activity, hand-tool technology, and farming villages as a community or family unit. While, postmodern white collar crime deals with more advanced technology such as computers, virtual communities, television/computer link-ups, and telephone communication. Overall, those who seek a career in criminology must navigate terminology barriers such as what way they would apply the term crime. Additionally, they must learn how to put white collar crimes in broader terms, by asking themselves how they have evolve from merely fraud cases. Criminologists must able to watch the media and look beyond what the media release in a news press by analysis the information with facts or reasonable logic from their research and academics studies. Lastly, they must participate in observer studies where they the information first hand in study groups or primary data, criminologists must engage directly in the research in order to come up with theories and possible conclusions. The second case graffiti and fraternity crime in Bloomington Indiana, centralized on how the privileged at Indiana University’s student organizations can escape criminalization based on their social class. Students at Indiana universities in Bloomington from Greek organizations would graffiti their first names and their Greek affiliations by using
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