Modern World History Honors Of Morocco

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Kendall Scarborough
Ms. Barile
Modern World History Honors
19 December 2016

Europe and specifically France had been after the land in Morocco for a long. As explained by Furlong in his portion of A World’s Work; The French Conquest of Morocco, he states the reason for European powers wanting control over Morocco.
Morocco is a white man 's country once and a half the size of France four and a half times the size of New England and the most productive state of North Africa perhaps the most productive area of the entire African continent. A key to the Mediterranean almost touching Europe and a veritable market garden for that continent contiguous to the
French territory of Algeria and but seven hundred miles from Marseilles with double the population of Algeria and Tunisia combined good climate variety of mountains and plains including the snow crowned classic Atlas range which shuts off or cools the heated winds that blow up from the desert a rich fertile soil abundant rainfall well distributed rivers and a coastline of 1300 miles 300 on the Mediterranean 1000 on the Atlantic
Morocco is indeed the golden orange of Barbary and cannot escape the international grab bag of Europe (Furlong).
The size of Morocco compared to those of other European nations and other geographical features made Morocco a valuable asset to the imperial powers. In the beginning of the 20th century Morocco had become a protectorate of France, and
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