Modern vs. Hippocratic Oath

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Throughout the history of medicine there has always been a need for shared commitment to ideals of moral, ethical and humane practice. The Hippocratic Oath, created by a compilation of works largely based on Hippocrates, has always stood as guidelines for the conduct of physicians. The Classical oath has and continues to serve well in preserving the sanctity of the medical profession while developing a basis for the respectful treatment of patients. However, this out-dated oath is not equipped to handle the modern trials and tribulations faced by physicians and health care in general. Many of its principles are simply unrealistic and inapplicable in today’s society. For this reason a revised version of the oath was written. As I will…show more content…
With the statement, “warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon 's knife or the chemist 's drug” physicians are given the responsibility to step down from their systematic ways of scientific thinking and make decisions on the level of human kind. The modern oath also provides for the necessary address of issues in liability in relation with a physicians judgment. This is predominately done by promoting the uniting of colleagues and defending a physicians right to be unsure in a world of so many unknowns. This acceptance and appreciation is essential for fostering a comradely among physicians that challenges each to think independently, dispute their own peers and still be conducive of making advancements.
In consideration of procedures deemed acceptable and unacceptable for physicians to perform the original oath of Hippocatates is largely out dated to what may be considered unrealistic for present day medicine. One of the major discrepancies lies in Hippocrates belief in non-invasive procedures which forbids against the “use of a knife”. Hippocrates timid approach to healing is quite understandable and applicable in an ancient civilization. In addition to cultivating the profession of a physician it was also Hippocrates responsibility to introduce it to society as a respectful and reputable practice. This is hardly the case in today’s society where medicine is so advanced the focus seems have shifted
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