Modernisation and emotional maturity

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MODERNISATION AND EMOTIONAL MATURITY In modern society, education alone can provide the most dependable and the most effective apparatus for accelerating growth and development in all spheres of human austerity. Now we live in the technological era. The technology of 21st Century has revolutionised and enhanced our way of life. The public expects technology to have a similar revolutionary effect on education. Energy technologies and resulting globalisation also provide unlimited possibilities for exciting new discoveries and developments such as new forms of energy, medical advances restoration of environmentally ravaged areas, communication and exploration into space and into the depth of the oceans. From the beginning of life till…show more content…
So, the study of emotional life is now emerging as a descriptive science. It deals with interplay of forces with intensities and quantities. Emotional maturity is not only the effective determinant of personality pattern, but it also helps to control the growth of adolescent’s development. The concept ‘Mature’ emotional behavior of any level is that which reflects the fruits of normal emotional development. A person who is able to keep his emotions under control, which is able to break delay and to suffer without self-pity, might still be emotionally stunned and childish. According to Walter et al. (1976), emotional maturity is a process in which the personality is continuously striving for “greater sense of emotional health, both intra-psychically and intra personality.” Emotional stability is one of the seventh important indicators of mental health. It simply means being grown up so that one may be able to personally manage his/her desires and feelings and may be better able to cope up the adverse life situations in a most befitting and socially approved manner. The most outstanding mark of emotional maturity is ability to bear tension. Life is becoming fast with the advancement of science and technology. Though man has conquered time and space to a great extent by the present level of scientific advancement, yet there is great threat to his existence. The Indian society is becoming increasingly materialistic. Emotional pressure is increasing day by day
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