Modernism And Modernism : Postmodernism And Postmodernism

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Modernism is what most people describe as what came before postmodernism. For this essay I will first be looking at what the meaning of modernism and postmodernism is and I will also be looking at the different factors of both modernism and postmodernism and why modernism has declined and has been rejected. I will also be researching on how modernism and postmodernism started and why it started and for this I will be looking at different characteristic of both modernism and post modernism and compare how they were both so different to each other. Modernism had been around even before the eighteenth century while as the postmodernism has been around since the 1960s. what actually lead to the rejection of modernism and the start of a new movement the postmodernism, that I hope to find out.
Modernism is a cultural movement has been around ever since the nineteenth century when the arts music architecture literatures were changing where it came after enlightenment where to reject them. The master narratives and Meta narratives fall in the grand theory of history. The culture and natural identity: myths of culture and ethnic origin totalizing explanations in history science and culture to represent knowledge and explain everything. “Central to modernity is a paradox: the seventeenth and eighteenth century enlightenment values of reason and science and defeat tradition, obscurantist superstition and the perils of what was then termed religious ‘enthusiasm’, emerged in…
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