Essay on Modernism Brought Much Change into the World

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Modernism or modernist poetry refers to the time period where poems were written by various people between the 1890s and 1970s. Modernism poets have a lot of knowledge and their works reflect it. The Era of modernism brought on modern language as it referred to thought, practice or someone’s character. This brought on a lot of change in the world. The thought behind the thinking of modernist poets were that of individualism. The modern movement came about as the result of the industrial revolution. This was during a time were most people were moving out of the rural farm areas and began moving into cities around more people. The advancement in technology also played a big part in the modern movement. During this time new factories were…show more content…
This was a time were a lot of black poets were emerging. Hughes believed that everyone under the same race could live together, which became a downfall during this time. People did not want to hear about someone and their poems on Negro America. Hughes still went on and made very famous works that are still and will forever be popular. His poems mostly follow the guideline of being a modern writer, having a main subject line and comparing everyday living to living in the city. A good example from Langston Hughes giving a modernist perspective in a poem is his poem Mother to Son. In this poem Langston is describing to her small son on how not to be. In this poem there is only one subject, common black music traditions and the realistic life of an African American family in the twentieth century. He used this poem to respond to the tension that had been set in the world as far as race. In this poem he created a clear vibrant explanation on life. Mother to Son also presents a clear-cut subject matter which lays out the mother’s life and sadness to her son by writing such lines as: “Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair. It’s had tacks in it, and splinters, and boards torn up, and places with no carpet on the floor, Bare”. This showed Hughes’ understanding of human individuality in respect to African Americans. Being a black writer back then in a white society was not east but he influenced and remains positive throughout his
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