Modernism In Form Follows Function, By Wilk Christopher

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In this essay I am going to talk about one theme of Modernist, looking at the different views of designers in two different books which are ‘Form Follows Function’ by Susan Lambert from 1993 and the second book is Modernism by Wilk Christopher.

The Modernist theme I had choose is ‘Form Follows Function’. Form follows purpose, use is a sense of right connected with modernist buildings and structure design and to do with industry design in the 20th hundred. The general rule is that the form of a building or purpose should be primarily based upon its person one is going to be married to group event or purpose.

Louis Sullivan is American architect that have interesting theory about form follows function. Louis’ theory on the idea of relationship of the form follows function change the idea of architecture. He had very big influence on the theory and language of architecture. His most famous essay in 1896 “The tall office building artistically considered”, he is explaining there his theory of his style for the building. Sullivan’s theory was that the tall building exterior design, which is the form should have relationship and similarity to the activities which is function that is the structure of the walls inside of the building. His idea was that the form and function of the building can be also be beautiful build. As part of the skyscraper made by steel frame
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The "the office" was a deep event in american history an important event that has an effect on us even today. It is not surprising, then, that Sullivan's 1896 group of words form follows purpose, use has moved after us throughout the long time, sometimes as a reasons, often as an answer, but always as a design idea gave in detail by one buildings designer in the 19th
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