Modernism In Modern Literature

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The history of humanity is an extraordinary span of countless years that consists of wonderful advancements, extremely significant developments, new constructions of ideas, and astounding movements. Humans have continuously driven to develop new ways of understanding the world and have tried reshaping the intricate perceptions of the world throughout the course of time. While the entire past of humanity is full of astonishing explorations and powerful events, only very few centuries could possibly challenge the importance of the twentieth century. The early portion of the twentieth century was a very crucial period of time that carried great momentum for multiple revolutions across the globe, multiple wars, and major developments in constructing the world. This influenced not only extravagant ways of thinking and understanding new concepts, but also drove new movements of art and literature into cultures everywhere. This gave ideas such as Surrealism, Naturalism, Futurism. Realism and Romanticism the ability to thrive and reform the perceptions of literature as a whole. However, one of the artistic key movements in the early twentieth century that shaped literature today and made these other movements in literature possible is the Modernist movement. Modernism was substantial in Europe throughout the early twentieth century, sweeping the minds of many marvelous writers and artists such as Virginia Woolf and James Joyce. These two authors are significant influences not just
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