Modernism In The Great Gatsby

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Modernism in literature is the pessimistic voice of hope, during the twentieth century the world was in turmoil. F .Scott Fitzgerald while attending Princeton University decided his services are to better put to use as a Commission Infantry Officer. While F. Scott Fitzgerald had a different experience than the rest of the country, he did not go to WWI, during his career in the military the war ended shortly after. During this troubling period many only had so few. With this as a catalyst it gave birth too many writers whom during the era are not as revered but only to be appreciated posthumously. F. Scott Fitzgerald only truly found success once in the grave. While his works did achieve recognition they could not live up to his standard of them.

The social class during the twentieth century the majority poor due to the inability to read and education. During the Great War there are several social causes that are contributing factors to the way F. Scott Fitzgerald. Certainly in the “Great Gatsby” he able to articulate the upper class as a frivolous spending group of socialites. Furthermore separating himself from the social divide that is occurring in the early twentieth century. Admittedly his protagonist in the “Great Gatsby” is one from little means whom becomes a wealthy entrepreneur through illicit business that are a direct representation of Prohibition. Comparatively those in the literal world were contributing and creating chaos through the distribution of alcohol.

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