Modernism In 'The Wasteland And Wyndham Lewis'sTarr'

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In the past one hundred years there has been a diverse kind of literature often mentioned to as ‘modern’ and differentiate it from the current. For where the contemporary refers to a period, the modern refers to a style. Modern literature may be coming to an end; however, many critics would argue that given the nature of the society in which we live in, it is merely impossible to bid goodbye too. The aim of this essay is to focus on T.S. Eliot’s ‘The Wasteland’ and Wyndham Lewis’s ‘Tarr’, amongst with other texts to discuss the elements of modernist literature and how cultural modernism effects its authors through their portrayal of the modern.

New Paradigms:
T. S. Eliot’s ‘The Wasteland’ can be seen in a form of paradigm, as he liked to use ‘mythical methods’ that offered a new way of giving a shape and meaning to the view of disorder which is modern history. I will also mention the ambiance of ‘The Wasteland’ and explain Ted Hughes ‘An assemblage of human cries’. And how that relates to the unconventional.
Then I will Introduce Lewis’s ‘Tarr’ and state how “The novel balances Tarr’s nominal ability to look at life objectively, ‘from the outside’, and to separate his relationship to art from his relationship to sex, against Kreisler’s increasingly clear inability to separate art from life and sexuality from violence.” (Klein, 6)

This will be the second element discussed. The literal definition would be explained and what is also means in terms of modernist literature and what roles writers have, in conjunction with this element I will also include artistic-experimentation and how that helped modernist culture. I will also refer to cubism and surrealism and why it affected literary writers as many visual artists.

Avant-Garde in ‘The Wasteland’. Fragmentation in the poem.

A form of avant-garde which Lewis founded was Vorticism along with Ezra Pound. I will consider writing into detail regarding vorticism in the book and how that is a response to modernism.

The Unconscious:
Will be explained with reference to Sigmund Freud and his important theory which consists of the ego, superego, and id. How he thought humans have become civilized by repressing primitive drives. I will also look at how

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