Modernism : The Age Of Rebellion Essay

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Modernism was a progress to society, in many ways it helped shape and form what we call the western culture. Modernism was a time period during the 20th century that promoted changes to the Western culture. Many of the changes occurred in the attitude and functioning of society, modernism is often referred to the age of rebellion. During this time many people were rejecting the social norms that have been practiced for years and finding more about their own individuality. Modernism was not only the age of rebellion but had rapid social and economical changes, as technology evolved communication joined the modern lifestyle. The second industrial revolution was influential, the amount of progress it brought in the 1920’s gave America the ability to move forward and advance. The second industrial revolution industrialized not only technology, but caused time period called the roaring 20’s in which the average American took advantage of the progresses from the second industrial revolution. Throughout the roaring 20’s, Americans began to think more about life as these rapid changes occurred, thus developing new ways of thinking through many philosophers. Modernism progressed the western culture in many ways, and the specific events of the second industrialization, roaring twenties and the deeper thinking of philosophers benefited the western culture.
The second industrial revolution was more influential than the first. Americans were able to benefit greater economically and
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