Modernism and Art

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Modernism Typified Tradition Rejection Modernism is typified by rejection of tradition. Modernism is a present-state undertaking that comes with subsequent changes brought by innovation and change of approaches in production and thought. Traditions as the past lifestyle and activity cannot be at the stand with new and modern approaches of relaying similar activities and solutions. The challenges brought by the environment have changed urgency of approach and perception of ideas in the world. Change of ideas and approaches touch on every sector of human and animal life in the world. For instance, modernism is characterized by abandonment of the old and outdated approaches of activity and embracing new ideas backed by innovation and modern thought. Therefore, modernism is a gradual adoption of the new ideas and approaches of solving the immediate and long-time problems while rejecting the old traditional ways (Harrison & Wood, 2003). Definition of modernism Modernism is referred as ways of exemplifying the modern thought, practice, and character. Modernism is a movement that transcends from the old and traditional approaches of doing things in the universe. The old cultures and believes among people have undergone gradual change over time. New approaches and practices are being embraced by the human society without much consideration of the differences brought by such changes. With time, it is pleasant to realize that the old practices and character have been
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