Modernism in Architecture

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As architecture moved towards a more secular epoch and away from the romance and traditions of earlier epochs, modernism became the new style (Rohe, 246). With the rise of this new style people began to wonder how modern architecture should be designed and whether older epochs should be used as precedents. In The Artless Word: Mies van der Rohe on the Building Art, Mies van der Rohe describes how modern architecture should be designed based on the present epoch, be true to its purpose, and make use of modern technology. The significance of earlier architecture is that the buildings by nature are impersonal works of entire eras (Rohe, 245). These buildings are pure representatives of the earlier epochs that symbolize the culture and style of the era. “All building art arises out of its own epoch and can only manifest itself in addressing vital tasks with the means of its own time” (245). The romance and traditions of past epochs have become meaningless in the modern age. For example, symbolism through grand embellishments which were once the noblest function of fine art and consider great components of architecture have become tasteless (Gropius, 49). “Modern building art refuses to play a mere decorative role in our life” and want to leave the aesthetic traditions of the past (Rohe, 241). Therefore, in…
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