Modernist Modernism : High Modernism Vs. Low Modernism

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Modern or Modernist?
High Modernism vs. Low Modernism
Damian Sun
University of Waikato

Modernism was a movement that was developed during the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. Modernism developed due to the changes happening in societies at the time. Around the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century there was a rise in the industrial society’s where there were advancements in technologies and machines, and a rapid growths in cities. This lead to a change in cultural trends and philosophies, which is known as modernism. Modernism was well known for the rejection on traditional way, such as the arts and beliefs. It rejected the idea of realism and religious beliefs. During these years modernism could be distinguished by two aspects, High and Low Modernism.
These two aspects were defined by the different ways they used modernism. Modernism itself was a movement which strayed away from the traditional ways and embraced the changes which were happening the around the world such as the machines. In ‘Modernism and Postmodernism’ it says that “The First World War, at once, fused the harshly mechanical geometric rationality of technology with irrationality of my” ( p.9 ), further on explain that in 1920, modernism came to define the age, as before the war modernism was a minority taste. Modernist used machines to help develop their works and create abstract compositions rather than realistic. High and Low modernism difference was in…

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