Modernization Of The Hawaiian Islands

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The state of Hawaii, also known collectively as the Hawaiian Islands, has a long history regarding its development. From migration, to the development of producing goods as a way of bartering, to an eventual governed society, the modernization of Hawaii has an illustrious history. The people who impacted this and were part of creating a globalized look at Hawaii played a part into modernization the state. This paper will illustrate the modernization of this land and its westernization throughout the years. The modern origins of these islands start not from the migration of the Asian people from other various islands, but with the discovery by an Englishmen named Captain Cook. With his ship, The Resolution, as well as The Discovery; Cook stumbles upon the islands of Kauai and Oahu on January 18, 1778. The exchange of goods amongst the native Hawaiians showed promise, but this barter and friendly spirit did not last; as on his second visit to the islands in 1779 was unfortunate timing which led to his death . Following Cook’s death there was a period of migration to the Hawaiian Islands which started when some of the crew from Cook’s ships decided to stay behind. The movement of trade to the Hawaiian Islands created a rift between the native people, and the foreigners. As fur trade in China became such a big industry, Hawaii became stopping ground or port for these trade ships. This eventually led to an increase in the amount of foreigners, making up majority of the
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